This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I collect and compile some of the more interesting posts I’ve read from around the web. Here’s this week’s list, check it out:

1. “Beyond ‘Creation’ and Natural Law: An Evangelical Public Theology” by James K.A. Smith

Smith shares some thought-provoking insights from Oliver O’Donovan on what a thoroughly Evangelical public theology would look like.

2. “Aesthetics as Contingency” by J. Catalf

A rather moving philosophical meditation on the difference between perception and experience, and the belief in miracles. The author writes:

We have closed our minds, and found ourselves unable to conceive of anything even as pedestrian as the turning of water into wine: for a post-Enlightenment culture obsessed with the how, that there should be anything rather than nothing no longer ceases to amazes us. But to a people imbued in the “that”, miracles are what come as no surprise. I mean, things literally exist, so why not?

3. “Algae-growing nuns in Central African Republic fight malnutrition with ingenuity” by Sebastian Rich

The story is pretty evident from the title, but it’s a beautiful story. “Sister Margherita’s eyes sparkle with satisfaction as she tells me ‘none of our babies die anymore, we have a huge success with this.’”

4. “Bonhoeffer – Not Theological Feng-Shui, but a Radical House Clearing” by Jim Gordon

A simple quick highlight of the radical, comfort shaking theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. My own interaction with the German pastor/theologian has been somewhat limited over the years. I look forward to some day being able to see more of what this author claims of his approach.

5. “3 Functions of the Small Group Coach in Uncommon Community” Garret Higbee

Higbee is doing some of the best work in both Biblical Counseling and Small Group ministry I have seen. So, when he writes a series of posts on small groups for the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog then I know I need to read them. Here’s a good introduction to the way he approaches small group ministry and counseling concerns in his church.

6. “Finding Death’s Sting with Sufjan Stevens on ‘Carrie & Lowell’” by Tyler Huckabee

I am thoroughly captivated by Sufjan’s new album and here Huckabee helps us piece some understanding of the album together.

7. “The Bright Sadness of Holy Week” by Jonathan Woodlief

A beautiful reflection on Holy Week and the tension of both sorrow and celebration that are appropriate in anticipation of Resurrection Day.

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