Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more, next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1)  A review of Sanctification ed. by Kelly Kapic

This was definitely a highly academic volume, but there were a number of essays in it that were very intriguing.

2)  Studies in Leviticus: Theological Foundations (Part 6) – Hope Beyond Leviticus

Leviticus offers great hope to its readers, but none of which is ultimately fulfilled within Leviticus itself.

3) Crisis Care Initiative: Becoming a Church of Counselors

Next week I’ll begin unpacking my three-year counseling ministry plan that impacts Biblical Counseling, Recovery, and Small Groups.

4)  Ask Pastor Dave: Does God Change His Mind?

This is a great question that strikes at a tension found in the pages of Scripture: God is both “unchanging” and yet at times described as “relenting.” Next week I’ll seek to explain the tension and offer an answer.

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