This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I gather together, from around the web, the articles that were most interesting to me. Here’s this week’s list, check it out, there’s bound to be something that grabs your attention too:

1. “Honest Captions for Christians Stock Photos” by Stephen Altrogge

This is just funny. Altrogge found some common examples of Christian stock photo and …¬†well, you get the rest. Just take a look.

2. “One Bible, Many Interpretations” by Andrew Wilson

Wilson writes here about the perspicuity of Scripture. How can the Bible be clear and yet there be so many understandings of its content? Wilson gives several potential answers in this article from TGC, but the his main point is that the failure lies with us, not with God’s Word.

3. “If Jesus is the ‘Word of God’ Can We Call the Bible the ‘Word of God’?” by Derek Rishmawy

I was just reflecting on the relationship between the Logos and the Scriptures and then I saw this post from my friend Derek. Derek, in his usual manner, breaks this relationship down in a concise and clear way. This is a worthy read, friends.

4. “What Needs to Change in Ministry Among Women?” by Matt Smethurst

Denise Hardy has helped me to see the absolute value of having a focused and robust women’s ministry in the local church. I am convinced that more churches need this but few see the value of it. In this video Gloria Furman, Jen Wilkin, and Kathleen Nielson discuss the good things that have been happening in women’s ministry recently, and the things that continue to need to change.

5. “Kelsie & Nicole’s Stories: Porn is Not Just a Guy Thing” by Fight The New Drug

There’s no author listed on this piece, but it’s a first-hand look at the reality of porn addiction among women. Two young ladies share part of their story in this article. If it’s not the best piece of writing on the subject, it at least allows two individuals to share their fears, in that regard it’s worth reading. Porn is not limited to just men. I’ve known many women throughout my counseling career who have struggled with this issue. Some national statistics say the porn use among women is on such a rise that it could be 60% of the young female population (between the ages of 18-26). We need to keep this in mind as the church so that we are prepared to provide a safe context for those women who struggle and need help.

6. “My Journey Out of Anorexia” by¬†Rebecca Maketansky

This is a testimonial about the ways in which Biblical counseling helped one young lady overcome her anorexia. It’s a reminder of the fruitfulness of using Scripture and Biblical principles in counseling. I think my wife would have a similar story, with some different details. Counselors can believe in the effectiveness of this philosophy of soul care, this story is just one validation.

7. “When an Associate Pastor Needs to Serve as Priest to the Lead Pastor” by Joe Iovino

This is an interesting article. Thanks to my friend Mike Peters for passing this along, I’ve never read anything on this issue before. The author describes when and how to confront your senior pastor, recognizing the hierarchical structures that may need to be violated to resolve important issues, serve our pastors, and care for our churches. I am thankful for these words, but more thankful that I have not yet needed to live them.

8. “Is Theology Your Idolatry” by Marshall Segal

As a good test for the theologically passionate, Segal lists 9 questions to help us assess our theological pursuits and their impacts on our lives.

9. “How do I ‘Honor My Father and Mother’ if They Were Abusive?” by Eddie Kaufholz

I really appreciate the sensitivity of this response. As we continue to prepare for our upcoming workshop on Domestic violence this question can remind us of the importance of prioritizing victims in abuse situations. I especially loved this line from the article:

Honor your parents by being a child who breaks the cycle of abuse, chooses grace over hate and walks into the world determined to be a light in a dark place.

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