Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these blog posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A review of The Things of Earth by Joe Rigney

Like Mike Wittmer’s book, this one seeks to develop a theology of earthly joy. Rigney offers a more comprehensive theology than Wittmer in this compelling book.

2) Studies in Leviticus: Theological Foundations (Part 5) – Priesthood

We’ll continue exploring foundational concepts in the book of Leviticus next week, by exploring the priesthood. Not only are these individuals important to the book, they play a central role in OT theology as a whole.

3) Easter and the Declaration of the Son of God in Power

Romans 1:4 seems to suggest that Jesus became the Son of God by virtue of His resurrection. What’s that all about? Next week I’ll explore the meaning of this passage and its implication for our view of the eternal sonship of Jesus, the glory of Easter, and the power of Christ.

4) Ask Pastor Dave: Why Don’t We Celebrate Jewish Festivals?

Starting in April I will return to my Ask Pastor Dave series with this intriguing question. It’s answer won’t appear totally different from some other questions I’ve answered, but it’s focus will be directed towards this unique question.

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