This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Check out these articles from around the web:

1. “Boys, Porn, and Education” by Sean Fitzpatrick

An interesting look at the ways in which long-term exposure to pornography can possibly stunt educational development in young men.

2. “What We Talk About When We Talk About Race in Pop Culture” by Rebecca Calhoun

Rebecca gives a quick survey of racial themes in pop-culture. A fascinating piece with some good insights for those of us less inclined to think about race on a regular basis. Part of Calhoun’s aim is to help those of us in that boat know how to think about and particularly speak/write about race in public.

3. “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It’s Not What You Think” by Johann Hari

I appreciate what the author has to say here about bonding, and the social nature of addiction. He tends to, however, oversell his thesis. His conclusions are too simplistic and ignore the realities that don’t correspond to his conclusion.

4. “The Best Dressed Men of London Fashion Week” by GQ

The title pretty much speaks for itself, but there are some good looks in this collection!

5. “Dope Church” by Chris Thomas

This is an amazing story about what a church is doing at seedy motel to spread the gospel. There’s a cool video and then a very personal story from Chris about what their weekly gatherings look like at this unusual locale.

6. “Who Do You Say I Am – A Mormon and an Evangelical Discuss Jesus” by Joe Carter

Read this conversation Joe has with a Mormon friend as they discuss the person and nature of Jesus. It might serve you well in your own interactions.

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