Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1.  A Review of Atonement, Justice, and Law by Adonis Vidu

This was a unique and fascinating book. While largely descriptive, Vidu does a great job of exposing how contextually bound theology can be. He also offers an analysis of the atonement that is less contextually bound and more rooted in the very nature of God. It will be a joy to recommend this book next week.

2.  Biblical Help for the Angry Person: Uprooting Anger

Having diagnosed our anger, next week we will begin to discuss how to address it biblically.

3. Good Leaders Aren’t Threatened By Their Congregation

Leaders who can’t take criticism, can’t delegate, and won’t listen are threatened by their congregation and will never be able to lead well. Next week I’ll unpack all of that and offer some direction.

4. The Reality of Following Jesus: It’s Full of Tension

Next week I’ll conclude this short series by wrestling with the tension involved in following Jesus.

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