This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Here’s this week’s list, check it out. There’s bound to be something interesting to you here:

1. “8 Things Highly Motivated People Do” by Robert Gardner

I feel like I am pretty good at five of these. How about you?

2. “A Law Professor Walks Into a Creative Writing Workshop” by Ryan Rodenberg

Yes. Everything about this is spot on! Rodenberg is a law professor who appreciates the importance of creative non-fiction writing. He writes, “A poorly written academic article on an already-esoteric topic is destined to have zero impact.” Theologians would do well to hear his words and improve their own skills and abilities in written communication.

3. “Presumed Guilt: Why We Can’t Afford to Blame Victims of Celebrity Leaks” by Cray Allred

Allred takes Tim Challies to task for a rather presumptuous post after the massive celebrity photo leak. He reminds us all of the importance of mourning with victims and not blaming them. He writes, ” It would be far more edifying for us to spend our mental efforts trying to get to the bottom of what causes millions of men to prey on and objectify women … than to wonder about the private, hypothetical sins of those objectified.”

4. “So You’re Thinking of Homeschooling” by Thomas Kidd

I always benefit from Dr. Kidd’s insights. Here, he writes as a homeschooling parent and shares some of his thoughts on choosing to educate his children this way. We do not homeschool our children, we made an informed decision that works for our family and we’re perfectly comfortable with it. But I appreciate Dr. Kidd’s guidance on this issue, his grace, and encouragement to those considering this option.

5. “More than an Empty Bed” by J. Todd Billings

Billings asks, “Does the church have more positive ways of viewing the increasing phenomenon of single, virginal sexuality?” He answers yes, and turns to the Cappadocian church father Gregory of Nyssa for help. He writes, “Gregory’s vision of virginal life is one of fullness, not absence.” This is an encouraging, challenging, and insightful piece.

6. “How Can the Church Help Those Battling Same-Sex Attraction?” by Sam Alberry

I love Alberry’s words on this subject. They are honest, insightful, and sensitive. Here he gives five practical tips for helping those believers among our church who struggle with SSA. Here are some thoughts and words that all Christians need to read and understand, but it is especially pertinent to those of us in pastoral leadership.

7. “Watch a mash-up of 23 amateur musicians...” by Todd VanderWerff

An amazing mashup by Israeli artist Kutiman feature 23 amateur musicians who shared their practice on youtube and were combined, brilliantly, deftly, and seamlessly into this amazing music video. Respect. Appreciate.

8. “Differently the Same: Redeemer’s Next Twenty-Five Years” by Tim Keller

As Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan celebrates its 25th anniversary Keller asks an important question: will this church look the same or different in another twenty-five years. His answer is one that is insightful for all ministers. As ministries look toward the future, as they make transitions, this balance is extremely important!

9. “Does God Let His Kids Lie About Him?” by Derek Rishmawy

Derek responds to an interview between Rob Bell and Peter Enns. Derek’s spot on his assessment and response to Enns rather arrogant and asinine theology regarding the Israelite depictions of God in the Old Testament. Derek asks the right question and gives the right answer here. A worthwhile read, even if there’s a lot of quoting.

10. “Don’t Let Competitive Youth Sports Hijack Your Life” by Katie Arnold

Yes! We know this reality already; Krista in particular feels the weight of this temptation. But the author is spot on in her assessment of “youth sports on steroids” and the ways in which they can destroy family life. “Organized sports, once a healthy outlet, are threatening to hijack the lives of children and their families,” she writes. Her warnings are well received by me.

11. “And There is A Time to Avoid Simplicity in God-Talk” by Joel Willitts

I can appreciate simplicity, but I love this post defending the importance of complex talk and writing about complex things. A good reminder to those who are anti-academia, which I can be sometimes.

12. “Why Can’t Men Be Friends?” by Wesley Hill

This is a terrible name for this article, but it is one of the best articles on this list. Here Hill explores the loss of friendship, and yet its great value and need of recovery. He look at historical relationships to see its value and encourages us to see our friendships with fresh eyes. I love, love, love this piece!

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