Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you’ll miss if you don’t check back next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of Disciple Shift by Jim Putman, Bobby Harrington, and Robert Coleman

I am always highly skeptical of books that claim to change everything about discipleship, and while this one probably doesn’t live up to its publicity hype, it has nonetheless proven a helpful book.

2. A Biblical Theology of Light: Light Has Come Into the World

Jesus is the light of the world, next week we’ll see how his incarnation continues the unfolding Biblical theology of light

3. Following Christ Costs Us All Something

There’s no doubt that in inviting some people to come to Christ they are being told to give up certain parts of their life and lifestyles. That’s not easy. But next week I want to demonstrate how following Christ costs us all something.

4. Creative Theology: Why We Need Creative Theology

Starting a new series next week exploring the value of looking at orthodox truths with fresh eyes and in new ways.

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