This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I compile a list of interesting reads from around the web. This week’s list is small but there’s still some good selections to check out.

1. “The Matrix Parable: Should We Interpret Scripture Through Culture?” by Alan Noble

Alan does a beautiful job here of reminding us that we are always interpreting the Bible through the culture in which we live. Sometimes we do this poorly, but the “doing” itself is not wrong.

2. “Finding Encouragement in God’s Word” by Gary Chaffins

In this article for The Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition, Gary points readers to 1 John 2:4-6 to consider how we can experience the love of God through the study of His Word and application of it to our lives.

3. “Toward a Theology of Dessert” by Bethany Jenkins

Jenkins does a beautiful job here of helping us to think theologically about something so seemingly mundane. In particularly she walks us through the idea of dessert in the Scriptures, and the balance we must maintain in this period of history between the goodness and danger of dessert.

4. “The Gospel and Mental Illness” by Pat Quinn

Heath Lambert’s series on Mental Illness was not well received by another Christian counselor, David Murray. He responded to Lambert with some frustration and a series of questions. Both godly men want to help us think carefully and Biblically about the issue, but the come to the subject from fundamentally different philosophical persuasions. In this piece fellow Biblical Counselor, and friend of Murray’s, seeks to answer his questions and provide some clarification on Lambert’s position. It’s worth a read.

5. “Walking with the Dead: The Evil Inside” by Dave Dunham

My final column for Christ and Pop Culture on this season’s The Walking Dead. In considering the finale I explore the complexity of ethical decision-making in a broken world, and what that says about both the show’s main characters and us as viewers.

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