Next Week

nextweekHere’s what I’ll be writing on next week, so check back for these posts and more:

1. A Review of True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts

This was a refreshing little book on the value, necessity, and means of deep, Christ-exalting relationships. If it was sometimes obvious it was nonetheless a needed reminder.

2. Hand & Feet

Reflecting on the Christian life through the lens of a really cool song by The Brilliance.

3. Biblical Counseling & Imagination

Biblical Counseling is about more than giving information to counselees, it is about helping them to be captured by a bigger vision, and that means engaging their imaginations as much as it means engaging their intellects.

4. Failures in Church Planting

I am not a church planter, but I’ve been part of, and assisted with a handful of church plants. Some have succeeded well, others have crumbled. Increasingly I am convinced that most failures in church planting arise because planters can’t think outside the box.

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