My 20s in Picture Recap

When I look back at my 20s I am, quite honestly, shocked at how much of my life happened within these ten years.

I spent four years at Ohio University where I learned a lot about myself. And now I am reminded of how much hair I had back then!

At 21 I got married to the most wonderful woman in the world:

Krista and I graduated from college in that following year and prepared to move to Louisville. While there we had a wonderful church family at Third Avenue Baptist Church. This group of godly people not only helped us mature as Christians, but loved us through some difficult stages in life. We greatly miss them all.

While in Louisville my daughter was born and my life was forever changed! We are so thankful for this precious gift. After a year and a half of trying to get pregnant God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl.

On a lesser note, but one that is still meaningful, I was part of the initial launch of the now very popular website Christ and Pop Culture. My time with Rich Clark recording podcasts (that were way too long) was a high light of our time in Louisville


In 2007 we moved back to Ohio to start my transition into the pastorate. It was at our first church that I met one of the most important people in my life, my mentor Frank Tallerico. Frank taught me more about patience, pastoring, and real ministry than any other single individual.

At the end of that year Frank left the church we were in and I was devastated. We were offered the option to stay and transition into the pastorate, but turned it down to follow Frank to another church. We struggled in many ways in those days and really that whole year. I often wondered what God was doing and why he had brought us here. But the folks at Christ’s Community Church took us in and loved us and cared for us greatly. It was through connections at CCC that we developed some of the closest friends. This little group has become family to us.

It was here that we endured my daughter’s spinal surgery. This was easily one of the most traumatic events in my life. It was very hard to hand her over to the doctors, but thankfully God oversaw everything and in his mercy brought her through it and she has had no problems since!

The three years we spent at CCC were important years. They shaped us in profound ways and were the context for some major life changing events. Including:

We bought a house (it had purple walls when we bought it…they didn’t stay that way),

I graduated from seminary,

our second child was born (the Scotsman!).

This was also the season of my father’s unexpected death. I miss him so much.

This season of our life was brought to an end by my transition from CCC to the role of associate pastor at Revolution. Because Revolution is a plant of Christ’s Community we have in many ways not really left, but the transition did mean a change in my day-to-day activities. It has been a huge transition but the right one.

Revolution is a church that ministers largely to men and women in drug rehab and recovery. I do lots of counseling and discipleship, and it has presented some unique challenges. But the relationships we have built there are dear to us. We love our church family.

This is a picture from our annual Free Market. After every Free Market we pick from the worst of the left-over clothes, those that nobody wanted, and take a horrible family photo.

In only 10 years my life has taken me in totally different direction, directions that my planning never anticipated. of course when I am honest it has been genuinely exciting, and far more beneficial to my soul’s development than I suspect my plans would have been. So perhaps I need to sit back and enjoy the ride of turning 30 and what the next ten years hold. God is in control and while I don’t want to repeat some of the events of my 20s, I do appreciate the value of all that I’ve been through. God is good and my life is good too. So here come my 30s!

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