This Week’s Good Reads

Here were some of my favorite reads from around the web. Apparently an unintended theme dominating this collection was video games, music, and movies. But don’t let that deter you, the articles are about far more than just those elements. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed:

1. “The Problem with Finding Feathers” by Richard Clark

Whether you play video games or not you will find this article valuable. Here Rich writes more generally about our pursuit of things and the absurd value we put on “stuff”. This piece was both haunting and beautiful. It reminded me of my dad, of the few tokens of his I have that I cherish. A great quote from the article: There are things we feel, the things we experience, the things we receive from others, the things we love. And then, there are the things we have. Collectively, we call it stuff, but individually, when we focus in on these possessions, we convince ourselves that they matter. Especially when we’re focused on the act of attaining them, we convince ourselves that they will significantly enrich our lives.

2. “Sufjan Stevens breathes some fresh air into Christmas music with ‘Silver & Gold’” by Jason Morehead

The one Christmas album I am most excited to hear this year gets a review from the guys at CAPC.

3. “Review of a Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Mary Kassian

One of the leading women from within the Complimentarian Christian movement, argues that in her newest book Rachel Held Evans gives her readers some bad caricatures of complimentarians.

4. “Hebrews: Looking for More” by Krista Dunham

I am plugging this wonderful piece from my wife in which she reflects on how we can fight discontentment by looking to Jesus.

5. “Reinventing Their Exit: Reflections on the Music of Underoath” by Kiel Hauck

A thoughtful piece over at CAPC on how one particular band helped a man work through difficult seasons of life. I loved this band back in the day and appreciate what the author has to say. If you were a fan of Underoath you should really read this article.

6. “Eight Great Almost – Couples in Film” by Laura Flood

The title of this piece from Paste Magazine speaks pretty much for itself.

7. “Return of the Jedi” by Brian Phillips

In this interesting piece from Grantland, Phillips offers his own speculations on what Disney must do to make  a quality Star Wars film. He begins with a comparison between the franchise and one of my favorite films of all time: Casablanca. I know, you didn’t see that coming, me neither. That’s what makes this article interesting. Check it out.

8. “What is the Biggest Change Evangelical Seminaries Need to Make Right Now?”

Christianity Today asked Dan Kimball, Cheryl Sanders, and Winfield Bevins to share their vision of the future of Evangelical theological education in this piece. It’s interesting and worth reading if you’re involved in seminary education or thinking of going to seminary.

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