Not Your Typical Halloween Movie List

I don’t much care for Horror flicks. I’ve never been a fan of the genre. But I remember with fondness my childhood Halloweens. It wasn’t just the candy and the costumes, I remember watching TV during this time of year and enjoy all those cheesy, goofy, movies about Halloween. So every year for the last three I have made it a point to watch some of the worst “scary” movies for the whole month of October. All those “B” and “C” rated Halloween films that no one talks about, those are the ones that made my best Halloween movies list:

1. Young Frankenstein – It’s easily in my top five favorite films of all time, so adding it to this list was a no brainer for me. The hilarity never stops in this film. The puns, the shtick, the brilliant acting and writing. This is a great film all around, and a fun twist on the typical Frankenstein trope.

2. The Burbs – Tom Hanks plays a hilarious prying neighbor who gets in way over his head when he discovers his neighbors may just be killers. This is a long forgotten Hanks film, but his bumbling about makes this a classic role in my book.

3. The Fly – This sci-fi thriller features a young Jeff Goblum as the man who is turning into a fly. It’s kind of gross at points, but so cheesy and overtop in its dramatic depiction that it is easily one of the worst “scary” movies.

4. Killer Clowns from Outer Space – Need I say more about this film. Any film that requires you to blow up a giant red nose to kill the enemy is classified as super cheesy. Plust the acting is downright awful, and therefore easy to laugh at.

5. The Blob – Maybe it was scary in 1958, but now it’s mostly just hilarious. A young Steve McQueen does battle with an amoeba-like alien. BEWARE The BLOB! It’s good fun.

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