Reflections on Zootopia

Beneath its charm, beauty, and humor this film exposes the prejudices in us all. It’s a much needed film in this particular season of American life.

Best of 2015: Movies

Some of my favorite films from 2015

Reflections on “Inside Out”

Inside Out reminds us of the beauty of tears.

Reflections on “Jurassic World”

The film suffers from the same problems as the park it focuses on.

Best of 2014: Movies

I wasn’t able to see all the films I would have liked to this year, but here are my choices for best of the year based on what I did see.

Reflections on The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie takes a common movie cliché and turns it on its head

Reflections on Disney’s Frozen

Frozen depicts life, love, and self better than any other Disney Princess movie

Not Your Typical Halloween Movie List

Not your typical list of Halloween movies, but I love these cheesy selections

Why I Can’t Wait To See “The Dark Knight Rises”

Christopher Nolan may have changed the shape of all super hero movies forever…or at least I am hoping he has.

Freedom Through Submission: Reflections on The Avengers Movie

There is Freedom in Submission, but only in submission first and foremost to God.