For the Reading Dad

Some Father’s Day books for that father who loves to read:

1) Family Worship: In the Bible, In History, and In Your Home by Donald S. Whitney

This is a simple, short, straightforward, and yet helpful booklet. Dr. Whitney knows spirituality, and having been in his home I can say confidently that he lives this book out each night. Fathers will find practical help as well as motivation to lead family worship in their own homes. It’s a great resource.

2) Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson by R.L. Dabney

This fantastic biography has two extraordinary things going for it: 1) it was written by a contemporary of Jackson’s. This unique books was not just written by someone who did their historical homework, but Dabney was actually a friend of Jackson and writes as one. 2) It is written by a theologian. Dabney was a Southern theologian, his systematic theology is still a very popular resource for students. Dabney, then writes not simply a history of Jackson’s life and campaigns but includes a clear picture of the man of God that Jackson was. This is a great read if your dad likes history.

3) Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper

This is a small book, but it’s not light reading. Piper packs a heap into the content of this focused monograph. Here he zeroes in on the importance and use of the mind in Christian spirituality. Piper gives us foundational work for using our brains to honor and love God. It’s a wonderful, challenging read for the father who wants to stretch himself mentally.

4) Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey

Nearly every man I know struggles at some level with either ambition or feeling like his actually accomplishing something. It’s a struggle for men in their work, their home, etc. This book is just the sort of encouragement we need. Harvey is great at painting a realistic picture of God’s timing, which doesn’t always coincide with ours, and he is also great at pointing out how waiting is useful to us. He encourages godly ambition and teaches us how the gospel can apply even to something like this. What a wonderful read this was, easy to follow, challenging, and yet inspiring as well.

5) ESV Study Bible

Every godly man needs a good study Bible and the English Standard Version STudy Bible is one of my absolute favorites. It not only contains first-class notes on the passages of Scripture, all of which were compiled and edited by top-notch theologians, but it also contains outlines of the books, focused summaries of the various books of the Bible, as well as essays on important issues related to the development of Scripture, translation theories, etc. It is such a useful tool that I regularly consult mine and encourage all our Free Seminary students to make this their Study Bible for the class. Get one and help your dad grow in godliness!

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