Member Interviews: Alisha Smoke

Because I believe in what our church is doing, and because the stories that we are hearing about growth and conversion from among our fellowship are worth sharing I am going to try and post interviews with our members regularly. Here is another interview, this one with our dear sister Alisha Smoke.

Share with us your name and what you’re currently doing with your life.

I am currently a studying to become an Intervention Specialist at Shawnee State University. I hope of one day to b able to help students with disabilities or behavior issues that inhibit them to learn as easy as others.

How did you become a Christian?

I had gone to church when I was little and always loved going, but when I was in fourth grade we moved and I stopped going to church regularly.  Then when I was in seventh grade my family and I got reconnected to some old friends. Their oldest daughter and I became best friends just like we were when we were five years old. Her dad had become the Assistant Pastor at a Church that I would soon regularly go to. As she and I grew closer I started to learn more about Jesus.  That April the youth group went to a big youth conference called YEC. At this conference my interest was sparked even more to discover who Jesus was. Over the next year I had discovered who God was and then the next year at that same conference something felt different I longed after this God; I wanted to become closer to Him and become more like Him. That’s when I decided that I really needed Jesus as my Savior.

How has your faith been challenged over the years?

Over the last few years my faith has been put to the test in a few different ways. First off, coming to college was huge! When I came to Shawnee I did not know anyone, which was pretty scary but exciting at the same time.  I had been around people who pretty much believed in God so I was very comfortable at home, but then coming to college there were people who did not at all, and some that had different views of Him than me.  At that same time I had to choose to honor and glorify God, with my actions. It was really easy to do what I wanted and what was most convenient for me rather than doing what Jesus would have done. Theses things really challenged me to build my faith and check what I believed in. I think that both of these things have helped make my faith my own, even though they may have been challenging.

How has Revolution church helped you to grow?

Revolution has helped me to really see a clear picture of who Jesus really is. Since going to Revolution at the end of last year I can now see a very clear picture of who Jesus is and what that means for me. This has completely broken me even more than before. I see the need to completely shape myself around Him. I am able to see that I am no better than anyone else and that I need to completely humble myself just as Jesus had done, because without Him I am nothing. I think that was something that I defiantly had take for granted before I started going to Revolution.

As you move forward with your life what are some areas of your faith that you’d like to develop, study, or change?

Completely obeying Him, and doing His will instead of mine. Sometimes I think that I know what is best for me instead of listening to His plans. Also just simply learning more about God so that I can better display His love to others.

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