Training Biblical Counselors Globally: An Interview with Wayne Vanderwier

An interview with the Director of Overseas Instruction in Counseling, Wayne Vanderwier on the importance and challenges of Biblical Counseling education globally.

Creative Theology Interviews: John Frame

An interview with Dr. Frame about theological methodology and doing creative work in theology.

Creative Theology Interviews: Michael Bird

An Interview with Michael Bird on creative theology

An Interview With A Recovery Team Leader: Garry Lloyd

Read some of the thoughts of one of our Recovery team leaders and learn some more about this ministry.

A Brief Discussion with John Frame on Systematic Theology

John Frame chatted briefly with me regarding his new Systematic Theology

Confidence in the Word of God: An Interview with Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury (Part 2)

In part two of my interview with Dr. Thornbury we discuss everything from Carl F. Henry to Mad Men to Carl Perkins.

Confidence in the Word of God: An Interview with Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury (Part 1)

Dr. Thornbury and I got the chance to chat about…well a little bit of everything. In part one we talk about everything from Church history to Benjamin Button and Napoleon Dynamite.

An Interview with Trillia Newbell

Meet one of my favorite writers!

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church: An Interview with Denise Hardy

An insightful interview with Cornerstone’s Women’s Ministry Director

Thinking Through Implications of Inerrancy: A Discussion with John Frame

Dr. John Frame was gracious enough to help us think through some issues related to inerrancy