30 Days of Fasting and Prayer

Each New Year provides us with an opporutnity to think about our lives and where we specifically need to make changes. It’s a time to stop and take inventory. This is something that is good not just for individuals but for the church as well. As 2012 kicks off our church here in Portsmouth has taken time to consider our part in caring for our city. Since our city is consumed with darkness, particularly our east end, we have decided to begin the year by fasting and praying for our community’s freedom all month. We are obstaining from solid foods in order to call out to God in desperation that He release our city from the darkness that has beset it.

I am encouraged by the willingness of our people to participate and to engage in this challenge. I believe that doing it together will provide us a greater accountability and commitment. It will also mean an opportunity to grow together in this endeavor. We invite you to pray with us for our community, for your community, and for the spread of the gospel.

I will be updating the blog daily still, though I will not be on facebook or twitter much, so if you are looking for me there in January I won’t be around often. But check back regularly here at Pastor Dave Online for updates on the RevFast and on daily blog content.

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