The Equation of Psalm 63

The Psalmist presents us with an equation that reminds us to prioritize God in our pursuits

The Difference Between Gifts and Fruit

A successful ministry is not equivalent to a godly minister.

Sin Shrinks the Head and Heart

Sin makes us self-deceived and merciless.

Feed Your Appetite: A Review of “A Hunger for God” by John Piper

8 years ago this book made a significant imprint on me, in rereading it I’ve had the same reaction

RevFast: Fasting for the Poor

Fasting must translate into action or God hates it!

RevFast: The Danger of Food and the Goodness of Fasting

Sometimes consumption is spiritual devestating and fasting is our help to fight spiritual idolatry!

RevFast: The Goodness of Food and the Danger of Fasting

There is a spiritual danger in fasting, namely that we might boast in ourselves and deny the goodness of God’s gift of food.

RevFast: Why Are We Fasting?

Fasting is a way of expressing the real hunger for God that every Christian has.

30 Days of Fasting and Prayer

Our church is fasting for the next 30 days for our community!