Our Community Needs Your Prayers

It is never easy for a community to lose a pastor, but it is especially difficult under these circumstances. I would invite you to pray for our community, for the people of Bigelow Church, and for this pastor’s family as they mourn their loss.

I served on staff at this church several years ago before Steve came to the area, I didn’ t know him well. But all that I have heard of him tells me that he will be missed greatly.


  1. David, I don’t know this pastor and don’t know his family, but I read about this last night on the internet and my heart has been broken for the dear people at this church and for this man’s family. I know that God can and will use all for His good and His glory, but at times like this it’s hard to see His hand. If there’s anything we can do for any of these people, please let me know. I know that sounds cliche, but I mean it sincerely. Love you.

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