Simple Advice On Praying For Your Church Family

Some practical tips on praying for your church family

Praying for One Another:Strengthened

Paul prays for the Colossians to be strengthened with God’s glorious might, we all need someone to pray that for us.

Praying for One Another: Wisdom

Knowledge should affect life, where it doesn’t we need to pray

Praying For One Another: Not Ceasing

Paul prays without ceasing for the Colossians, we ought to do the same for those we love

Praying for One Another: Love

Love is hard work; praise God for it when you see it

The Forgotten Essentials of Doing Theology: Prayer

Theology must be done in dialogue with God

Political Talk Worth Your Time

Eric Metaxas made me watch a political event that lasted over an hour!

Our Community Needs Your Prayers

Pray for this community in lieu of a pastor’s death