Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will Be Done

Why does the Lord’s will often seem so difficult for us to accept? Most believers are not outright obstinate and rebellious. Generally speaking, we want to obey the Lord, and we want to desire God’s best for us. Yet, we often struggle with accepting the Lord’s will. I think a partial answer to the cause […]

Simple Advice On Praying For Your Church Family

Some practical tips on praying for your church family

Praying for One Another:Strengthened

Paul prays for the Colossians to be strengthened with God’s glorious might, we all need someone to pray that for us.

Praying for One Another: Wisdom

Knowledge should affect life, where it doesn’t we need to pray

Praying For One Another: Not Ceasing

Paul prays without ceasing for the Colossians, we ought to do the same for those we love

Praying for One Another: Love

Love is hard work; praise God for it when you see it

The Forgotten Essentials of Doing Theology: Prayer

Theology must be done in dialogue with God

Political Talk Worth Your Time

Eric Metaxas made me watch a political event that lasted over an hour!

Our Community Needs Your Prayers

Pray for this community in lieu of a pastor’s death