5 Things I Love About My City

Portsmouth, OH may not be big and it may lack some of the accoutrements that I love and often miss about larger metro life, but I still love my city. I am excited about its history and especially about its future! So, here are five things I love about Portsmouth:

5) Shawnee State University – it’s one of the fastest growing universities in the state and continues to develop into a quality institution. I love having over 800 students living on campus and in our community. The college atmosphere is unlike any other and even while this is a small school it brings that atmosphere to our locale nonetheless.

4) Local Restaurants – In large cities its too easy to settle for chain restaurants (because they are everywhere and there’s thousands of them). But in a smaller community where the pickings are limited its a wonderful treat to find a great local place that brings both variety and quality to eating out. I particularly love the following: Ye Old Lantern, Port City Pub & Cafe, The Portsmouth Brewing Co. , The Ribber, and Hatti Beasley’s.

3) Blossoming Art Community – It’s not easy in Southern Ohio to find people who see art as an important cultural element, but there is a group that has long felt that the art scene in our town was lacking and that community, I am delighted to find, is continuing to blossom. The Boneyfiddle Art Center is a great stop that features not just local painters but apparently welcomes musicians to come and play at the center as well. The music at Port City Pub & Cafe is also always a treat. I love our blossoming art community and am excited to see it grow and flourish.

2) 2nd Street, Boneyfiddle Historic District – One of the coolest parts of our town is the historic district which boasts of a large number of original 19th century commercial buildings. It is an absolutely beautiful cite to see and the restoration projects that continue to bring life back to these old buildings only add to that beauty. Efforts to bring more and more life back to this area excite me and I am anxious for the revitalization of Boneyfiddle.

1) Potential – There are growing number of discontent citizens who love this city and want to see it rejuvinated. It is actually a very exciting time to be part of this community and I see a bright future both with the growing university setting and the growing citizen restlessness. I love my city and I am excited about its future!

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