We’re (Not) Gonna Change the World

We must work to transform the world with humility and with eyes fixed on the only one who can do that perfectly and finally: Jesus

Necro Theology: Be Warm And Be Filled

Care for your neighbor is part of what it means to be a Christian. If you don’t your faith is dead.

My New Ministry

I started a new job this week, and I am excited about it!

Beautiful Are The Feet: A Review of “Barefoot Church” by Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker encourages pastors to rethink their church model and see how serving the least can transform their ministry and their lives.

Don’t Ignore the Strategic Micropolis

Small cities are not always glamorous ministry outposts, but they are important!

5 Things I Love About My City

I may be a big city guy, but I still love my city and here’s why

The Church Being The Church: Or What My Community Needs

My community has a major drug problem and it needs the church to step up and help!

Missional Church Planting In Rural America

 The Southern Baptist Convention Church Planting Center hosted a workshop and seminar on Missional Church Planting In Rural America yesterday. Apparently it was geared as a training program for the convention’s Directors of Missions, but I was able to attend and was introduced both to some startling realities and some fascinating strategies. Apparently the rural […]

God of This City

I came across a worship song the other day that I had never heard of, which isn’t uncommon (I am not up to speed on most praise and worship music these days). But this particular song so struck me that I began to weep and became so excited about the words I was hearing, because, […]

How Not to Help the Poor

My heart is for the city, and parituclary for my city: Portsmouth, OH. Part of bringing the gospel to the city involves helping those in need, being willing to get dirty and do social ministry alongside preaching the gospel. This means helping the poor and needy in our communities, and this video is a breathtaking […]