The Sparrow and the Heart: Introduction

When I was a freshman in college a guy I knew had a cement block dropped on his face. This was one of those points in my life where I began to see that the world was seemingly an unstable place. I’ve met with rape victims and refugees, with the fatherless, the widow, and the addict. There is a world of instability around us. At one point this all came to a head for me and I began to ask the question: Who (if anyone) is controlling this universe?! My search for this answer resulted in a theology represented by the two symbols of the Sparrow and the Heart. These two symbols are two sides of the same coin which represents God’s gracious sovereign control. God is both good and sovereign. Maybe that’s hard for you to swallow, it was for me too. For some people God is good but He can do nothing about the mess we find ourselves in today. For others, God is in control but He is hardly good…after all look at the mess we are in. But the truth for me, the truth I see in Scripture, is that God is both good and in control! I want to, over the next few weeks unpack these two symbols to help you see from Scripture this reality, a reality I have come to embrace fully. The Sparrow and the Heart are my theology and I pray they will be yours too.

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