Happy Infertile Mother’s Day

This weekend is a time to reflect on how much our mother’s have meant to us. It’s a time to celebrate their love, care, support, and friendship in our lives. I have a great mom for whom I am grateful to Jesus. She has sacrificed much in her own wants to provide for mine. So, I want to celebrate Mother’s Day for her sake, she’s earned at least that much.

But there is also another side of Mother’s Day that I dare not forget, the side that hurts. There are hundreds of would-be-mothers out there for whom Mother’s Day is simply a reminder of what they want but do not have. I know this because my wife and I lived through it. We tried for almost two years to get pregnant but to no avail. The doctor who we saw told us that we must resign ourselves to the possibility that we would never have children. It was heartbreaking news, to say the least. It was the kind of news that made our first Mother’s Day in Louisville almost unbearable. We sat and watched as women all around us stood to be recognized for their mothering.

Now two years is not that long of a time compared to what other women have faced and continue to face, but it was an eternity for us as we endured negative pregnancy test after negative pregnancy test. I bring all of this up as simply a reminder that we must love our infertile friends who desperately want to celebrate Mother’s Day from the other side too. We must remember them and be careful that in all our celebrations we don’t forget how sad and frustrating a day this can be for them.

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