The Best of 2010

Best Film:

Inception was, hands down, the best film that I saw in 2010. Christopher Nolan remains one of the premier filmmakers of our age. In this epic mind-bending thriller he asks the question: what is reality? The story is brilliantly written and acted, and the graphics, cinematography, and action make this a total package film. Honorable mentions: Toy Story 3, and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Best Album: This one is equally as simple for me. The best album of 2010 was Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons. The British folk quartet have made a masterful album that blends the best of folk rock with brilliant lyrical content. Marcus Mumfordsings with passion and as the music of nearly every song builds to foot-stomping levels I find myself unable to stop listening to every track. It has yet to grow old and I can only wait to hear more from them. For another review of this album see my article at Christ and Pop Culture. Honorable Mentions: Wake Up! by John Legend and the Roots

Best Book:I read a lot of books in 2010 but not many were actually released that year. The first book I read was Hipster Christianity by Brett McCracken. While this book was very funny and enjoyable to read I felt that McCracken’s analysis was shallow. The other book I read was Radical by David Platt, and it will remain an influential book in my thinking for years to come I am sure. Platt does a deft job of calling Christians back to the radical demands of Jesus. He demonstrates well how we have domesticated the call to be disciples and challenges Christians to turn away from selfishness, materialism, and shallowness to Christ-centered lives. It is a compelling book and easy to read, even if I am still wrestling with all the implications and applications of it.

Best New Gadget: I confess that the Kinect for Xbox 360 looks pretty cool, but for me personally the best new gadget of 2010 was easily the iPad. My iPad has quickly become one of my most essential tools for work. It carries not only my calendar and contact information but it houses hundreds of books, grammar tools, exegetical tools, and to-do-lists. It is easy to take with me everywhere I go and makes my general work life easier and more mobile. It’s a tool that at times I feel like I can’t do without, even though I know I can.

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