Freedom Reigns

God will crush our enemy and freedom will reign!

The Sparrow and the Heart: The Heart (Part 4)

God’s “no” to Paul may just teach us about faith and grace.

The Sparrow and the Heart: The Heart (Part 2)

When God causes the struggle…

The Sparrow and the Heart: The Heart (Part 1)

An introduction to the second of my theological symbols: The Wounded Heart

A Theology With Skin and Bones: A Review of Relentless Hope by Beth Guckenberger

Beth Guckenberger reminds us that Romans 8:28 is so much more than abstract theology!

The Church Being The Church: Or What My Community Needs

My community has a major drug problem and it needs the church to step up and help!

Matth Chandler on Suffering

Matt Chandler Preaching on Suffering, watch it here.  

It’s Not Doubt, Simply Dislike

Do you have those moments where you simply have to be honest with yourself about something? Christians, as people who still struggle with sinful desires, often find ways to sanctify or justify what is actually sinful behavior. For sometime now I have complained that I simply don’t understand God’s plan for my life. I have […]

Joy in Wounds

There is this really hard question that all Christians must face: why do we suffer? Now, answering that question is nearly impossible. But this week we are going to explore, in my sermon, the possibility of finding joy in suffering. How do we do that? Come to Bigelow church for our 10:45 service this week […]

Living in the Wasteland

Yesterday I preached part two of my on-going series through the book of 1 Kings. This time I zeroed in on chapters 12-15, and highlighted God’s grace in the midst of the wasteland that Israel was going through. They certainly deserved to be there, and their disobedience was the cause of their transition, yet nonetheless […]