Why the Jesus People Movement

This is a part of history that is worth remembering and worth learning from.

Misfit Ministry: Responding to Misguided Spirituality

Misfit ministry is a response to the misguided spiritualities of modern day Evangelicalism.

Why “Misfit Ministry”?

An introductory rationale for this year’s study project.

Acceptance for the Party Crashers

Jesus doesn’t just go to the margins of society, he invites the outcast into the party.

Salvation at the Margins: Affection for the Lonely

The lonely find affection in the touch of Christ.

Salvation at the Margins: Permission for the Oppressed

God offers mercy to those in oppressive marriages by granting them permission to divorce.

Salvation at the Margins: A Perfect Feast

Hunger may be the representation of a person’s despair, but it can also be the starting place of their recovery.

Salvation at the Margins: An Introduction

Jesus is often found at the point of hopelessness.

The Church’s Misfit Members: Spiritual Seekers

Spiritual Seekers aren’t really “members” of the body of Christ, but the church must be sensitive to their presence among us.

The Church’s Misfit Members: The Uniquely Challenged

The uniquely challenged remind the whole church of how the gospel applies to all of life and invites all sorts of individuals to express faith.