The Church’s Misfit Members: Hurting Souls

Hurting souls should be among the church both for their good and for ours.

The Church’s Misfit Members: Prophetic Punks

Punks provide a prophetic voice of warning and criticism that the broader church would do well to hear.

The Church’s Misfit Members

Our assumptions and preferences can too frequently become “gospel truth,” we need a few misfits to help us see where we are wrong.

Misfit Ministry: Organic Discipleship

Discipleship is not a program, it is a community project.

Misfit Ministry: Practical Help

Misfit Ministries connect spiritual blessings to practical help

Misfit Ministry: A Ministry of Deep Community

Misfit ministries know community matters, it’s not optional.

Misfit Ministry: A Ministry of Passion

A Misfit Ministry wants to emulate the passionate commitment of the early church.

Misfit Ministry: A Ministry of Resistance

Misfit ministry resists four common ideas far too common in the contemporary church.

Misfit Ministry: Introduction

An introduction to what Misfit Ministry means