A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 5): Remarriage

All Biblically qualified divorces permit the victims of a broken marriage to remarry.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 4): The Contemporary Church

Using the rubric of the three covenant vows can be a help to determining whether a person is the victim of a pattern of unrepentant broken vows that grants them the freedom to Biblically divorce.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 3): Common Objections

Answering some common criticisms of my particular view on divorce

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 2): Jesus and the New Testament

When Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19 is rightly understood we see continuity between his teaching, Paul’s teaching, and the Old Testament covenant vows.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 1): An Old Testament Context

The Old Testament sets an important context for thinking about the whole Bible’s view on divorce

Five Ways to Shut Down a Conversation

There are five common ways we can intentionally attempt to shut down a conversation.

Your Spouse Does Not Complete You

Your spouse does not complete you, but Jesus can.

Prayer and the Harsh Husband

The prayers of a harsh husband accomplish nothing.

Remember What Forgiveness Feels Like

An important principle for healthy marriages is to remember what forgiveness feels like.

Latitude in Your Marriage

A refusal to give our spouse the latitude to be wrong, or make some mistakes, will cripple our relationships.