A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 4): The Contemporary Church

Using the rubric of the three covenant vows can be a help to determining whether a person is the victim of a pattern of unrepentant broken vows that grants them the freedom to Biblically divorce.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 3): Common Objections

Answering some common criticisms of my particular view on divorce

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 2): Jesus and the New Testament

When Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19 is rightly understood we see continuity between his teaching, Paul’s teaching, and the Old Testament covenant vows.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 1): An Old Testament Context

The Old Testament sets an important context for thinking about the whole Bible’s view on divorce

Five Ways to Shut Down a Conversation

There are five common ways we can intentionally attempt to shut down a conversation.

Your Spouse Does Not Complete You

Your spouse does not complete you, but Jesus can.

Prayer and the Harsh Husband

The prayers of a harsh husband accomplish nothing.

Remember What Forgiveness Feels Like

An important principle for healthy marriages is to remember what forgiveness feels like.

Latitude in Your Marriage

A refusal to give our spouse the latitude to be wrong, or make some mistakes, will cripple our relationships.

Your Spouse Needs More Than Truth

Pointless truth focuses on self, but constructive truth seeks to honor God and give grace to others through what we say.