Prayer and the Harsh Husband

The prayers of a harsh husband accomplish nothing.

Remember What Forgiveness Feels Like

An important principle for healthy marriages is to remember what forgiveness feels like.

Latitude in Your Marriage

A refusal to give our spouse the latitude to be wrong, or make some mistakes, will cripple our relationships.

Your Spouse Needs More Than Truth

Pointless truth focuses on self, but constructive truth seeks to honor God and give grace to others through what we say.

Expressing Your Emotions to Your Spouse

Emotional revelation leads to personal knowledge, which leads to relational affection.

On Loving Your Spouse As Yourself

If you love your spouse in order to love yourself, then you don’t really love your spouse, and eventually such an approach will destroy your marriage.

The Idol of a Godly Marriage

A godly marriage is a good goal, but a terrible master.

A Word About Polite Abusers

Abuse can hide in plain sight, and may often look very different from what you’d expect.

Is There Hope After Adultery?

There may be marriage after adultery, but there is always hope after adultery.

How Do I Repent After Adultery?

Repentance after adultery involves humility, accountability, and responsibility.