The Purity of the Words of God in Psalm 12

While men use words to deceive and control, God’s Word is pure and trustworthy.

Grieving the Spirit of God in Your Marital Communication

The Bible teaches us that the way we communicate can either please or “grieve” the Holy Spirit.

How to Receive Your Spouse’s Confession of Temptation

There are eight key elements to receiving well our spouse’s confession of temptation.

How to Confess Temptation to Your Spouse

The following 8 principles can serve to safeguard a wise confession to your spouse.

What Not to Confess to Your Spouse

Confession to your spouse should be done carefully.

Confessing the Temptation to Be Unfaithful to Your Spouse

Confessing temptations not only has the potential to break their power, but also to strengthen our marriages.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 6): Conclusion

Because divorce is serious and costly every case should be reviewed carefully and prayerfully.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 5): Remarriage

All Biblically qualified divorces permit the victims of a broken marriage to remarry.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 4): The Contemporary Church

Using the rubric of the three covenant vows can be a help to determining whether a person is the victim of a pattern of unrepentant broken vows that grants them the freedom to Biblically divorce.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 3): Common Objections

Answering some common criticisms of my particular view on divorce