The Idol of a Godly Marriage

A godly marriage is a good goal, but a terrible master.

A Word About Polite Abusers

Abuse can hide in plain sight, and may often look very different from what you’d expect.

Is There Hope After Adultery?

There may be marriage after adultery, but there is always hope after adultery.

How Do I Repent After Adultery?

Repentance after adultery involves humility, accountability, and responsibility.

How Do I Trust My Spouse After Adultery?

Rebuilding trust after adultery is not easy, but it can be done in stages.

A Review of “Date Your Wife” by Justin Buzzard

Despite his particular expression of complimentarianism, I really appreciated this book

The Banal Adventure: Reflections on “Life” in the Music of Andrew Peterson

The banal adventure is better!

Dating According to the Bible?: They Lived Happily Ever After

“Happily Ever After” sells movies and ruins relationships

A Theology of Sex: Masturbation and Sin

Can masturbation glorify God?

Dating According to the Bible?: Dating and Marriage

Dating doesn’t equal marriage…they’re not the same thing!