Better than Wonderbread: Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

This is NOT a story about sharing!

Exodus: Continuing the Story of Redemption

I believe Exodus is foundational for understanding the narrative of redemption in both the Old and New Testament.

How Paul Reads Leviticus 18:5

How does Paul read Leviticus 18:5?

Hermeneutics and Road Maps

How we read the Bible is important!

When You Assume…: A Review of “Beyond Foundationalism” by Stanley Grenz and John Franke

Stanley Grenz and John Franke have made a major assumption in their book “Beyond Foundationalism” and that has…well you know what assumptions do

Martin Luther Is My Homeboy: The Legacy of Luther (Part 1)

Luther’s theology presupposes the authority of Scripture…so should ours!

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 23): Keeping The Fundamentals (Part 2)

Post-Foundationalism is tempting for Christian Hipsters…but it’s a bad idea.