The Bible Questions Us

we must not forget that even as we ask questions of the Bible the more pressing issue is what the Bible asks of us.

Exodus and the Language of Salvation

Exodus gives us a unique language for discussing our own experience of salvation.

Interpreting the Scriptures as Part of the Church

We need each other to better understand the Bible

Inerrancy and Worldview: Introduction

Sometimes our problems with the Scriptures are really just problems with the worldview we impose on the Scriptures

No Dichotomy Necessary: A Review of “Education or Imitation” by Curtis Allen

The hard line Curtis Allen has drawn between education and imitation has proved to be a fatal flaw in this book

Moses, Samuel, and Elijah: The Proto-Prophets

Moses, Samuel, and Elijah shaped the prophetic ministry in Israel. Understanding their roles in that tradition will help us make sense of the prophets as we read them today.

Who Were The Prophets?

The prophets have relevance for us today; understanding them in their context helps us see what that relevance is.

The Prophets Can Speak Today: A Review of “Interpreting the Prophetic Word” by Willem VanGemeren

Willem VanGemeren offers us a chance to hear the prophets speak for themselves

Summer with the Prophets

Join us for a new summer sermon series at Revolution

Can We Trust Jonah?

The story of the prophet Jonah is sometimes hard to…um…well…swallow. But I have bought it hook, line, and sinker.