Ask Pastor Dave: Where Do I Begin if I am a Theology Novice?

I’ve answered this question, or a similar one, several times, but I thought I might take a different approach with it this time.

Ask Pastor Dave: What Does it Mean to Pray “In Jesus’ Name”?

A triperspectival approach to prayer can help us better understand the various layers of praying “In Jesus’ Name”.

Ask Pastor Dave: Can We Enjoy Art Made By Apostates?

Since all truth is God’s truth an artists’ abandonment of the gospel does not damage the quality of their previous creations.

Ask Pastor Dave: Did Jesus Really Descend Into Hell?

There are historical, Biblical, and theological reasons for denying that Christ descended into hell.

Ask Pastor Dave: Is it a Sin to Smoke Pot?

There are a number of important factors we need to consider as we wrestle with whether or not Christians should smoke pot.

Ask Pastor Dave: Can I Really Be A Counselor?

Yes all believers can become counselors if they are willing to grow and learn; you don’t have to be a professional to be helpful.

Ask Pastor Dave: How Was Eve Tempted in the Perfection of the Garden?

There is simply no satisfying answer this theological dilemma.

Ask Pastor Dave: How Do I Love My Gay Child?

The gospel frees you to and even demands that you express love to your gay child.

Ask Pastor Dave: Should I Attend A Gay Wedding?

We must answer this question with two primary commitments: (1) loving our LGBT neighbor, and (2) standing firm on Biblical marriage.

Ask Pastor Dave: What is the Conscience?

The conscience is the innate moral compass given by God to direct us towards Him, but which has been hampered by the Fall.