Ask Pastor Dave: How Can God Be Good If He Allows Sexual Abuse?

While a logical and theologically consistent answer can be given, the best answer points to God’s compassionate care of the abused.

Ask Pastor Dave: Does God Change His Mind?

Two possible answers can help us think about this question Biblically

Ask Pastor Dave: Why Don’t Christians Celebrate Jewish Festivals?

Christ makes the celebration of Old Testament Jewish festivals void of meaning.

Ask Pastor Dave: Is It Okay to Whistle and Shout in Church?

The best answer to this question will take into consideration corporate context, situational appropriateness, and personal motivation.

Ask Pastor Dave: Do Babies Go to Heaven when They Die?

While the Bible does not answer this question explicitly, it does, I believe, give us enough information to draw the conclusion that infants who die go to heaven.

Ask Pastor Dave: Why Don’t We Worship on the Sabbath?

Christians don’t worship on the Sabbath because we are not bound to the Old Testament law

Ask Pastor Dave: What Are the Top Five Books Every Christian Should Read?

I attempt to answer this question with a more broad perspective.

Ask Pastor Dave: Is It A Sin To Do Things For Myself?

The short answer is “no,” the longer answer is “it’s complicated.”

Ask Pastor Dave: How Should I Respond When Parents Name Their Kid “Jesus” or “Messiah”?

My initial response is that the usage of such names doesn’t mean anything and is therefore perfectly acceptable to use.

Ask Pastor Dave: Which Translation of the Bible Should I Use?

Determining the best translation depends on answering the question, “What’s my goal.”