Sound Doctrine in 60 Seconds…ish

This Friday we have a new video series releasing. Sound Doctrine in 60 Seconds is an attempt to provide a fly-over introduction to different doctrinal subjects but in a bite size and easily shareable format. Check out the promo below:



Season one covers a number of very different topics, including:

What is theology?

Divine Simplicity

Forgiveness and Bitterness

God’s Sovereign Care

Anger at God


and more

Be sure to check back later this week to see the first episode, with subsequent episodes to be released every Friday. Our hope with this video project is that people who might not take the time to read a book or an article on theology, or listen to a sermon, might perhaps give a listen to a well-shot, short, and accessible video on doctrinal concepts aimed at being practical and helpful. Ultimately we’d love for Christians to share it with their non-Christian friends and start some conversations. But, we are praying over it and will be delighted however God chooses to use it. 

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