Update on a New Book Project

Many of my readers may already know this, but I have officially signed a contract with New Growth Press to write a new book. Last year I had the joy of writing a book with P&R on addictive habits, as part of the 31-Day-Devotionals For Life series produced by the Biblical Counseling Coalition. It was a great experience, but this project is going to be different. In this new book I have the joy of co-writing with my wonderful wife! For those interested, let me tell you just a bit about this new project.

For roughly ten years Krista struggled with an eating disorder. When she first told me about this problem we were engaged and I, as young and immature man, didn’t know how to be helpful. I grew frustrated, offered up ultimatums, and forced her into bad counseling situations. She, for her part, lied and hid things, and experienced shame and embarrassment from her struggled. The idea of navigating this problem together was foreign. Neither of us knew what to do at that time and didn’t even know where to turn for help. So, we decided to write the book that we needed back then.

Our book, Table for Two, is designed to be an interactive tool for those suffering with an eating disorder to work through with their loved-one. It gives information, evaluative tools, and exercises to be discussed and worked on together. Krista writes from her experience, discussing the things that she did, that she should have done, and what helped her. I write as both a Biblical counselor and a husband, exploring the ways I failed, the things I should have done, and sharing the kind of information that can make a difference in helping. Some of the issues we discuss in the book include: a description of various eating disorders and the corresponding symptoms; understanding the role each person has in the process of change; identifying motives for the misuse of food/exercise, and the means to confront these core issues according to God’s Word.

We are both very excited about this project. It is, in many senses, a very personal project. We hope that God will use it to be helpful to many others. We are still in the initial stages. We have much of the rough draft done, but there is still a lot of work ahead. We would covet your prayers as we begin this work and especially for the ways that God may use it in the future. Thank you, everyone, for your support and encouragement.


  1. What an uplifting message to find in my e-mail! Of course, I will pray for you both concerning this lovely book!


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