What to Expect in 2019 at Pastor Dave Online

It is officially a new year, and that means time to turn over a new leaf here at the blog as well. So, what can you expect to see at Pastor Dave Online next year? Well, here are some of the things I am presently thinking about:

  1. Year-long study on Misfit Ministry – Since I will be writing about this later in the week I won’t say a whole lot here. My study topic for the year will be somewhat broad, however, and I’ll be regularly blogging on insights and strategies as they come.
  2. Counseling Seminar Subjects – Cornerstone Counseling hosts three seminars a year and as I prepare for those events I will be sharing the research and insights I gain as part of a blog series. This year our subjects of focus include: self-harm and depression.
  3. Book Reviews – I will continue to read and write reviews on a near weekly basis, so be sure to check back for those. My reading goal again this year is 50 books.
  4. Updates on my new book project – My wife and I began writing a book at the end of last year and have finished the first four chapters of it. We are very excited about this project and hope to share more information in the near future.
  5. Reflections on the Jesus Movement – The Jesus Movement has always fascinated me. I knew several folks involved in branches of it back in the day, and I met many who were modern-day descendants of it through their affiliation with JPUSA and other like-minded organizations. I hope, this year, to do some more study on the strengths, weaknesses, and out right failures of the movement. I hope to learn much not just about the movement, but about how to build on what was good in it and avoid what was bad.

These are my main writing objectives for the year, but, as always, there will be dozens of other shorter series of blogs that develop over the course of the year. This list is, of course, subject to change and I may not get to all these ideas, but it’s my ambitious goal for the year. Check back and see these and more posts develop over the year. Thanks for your continued readership, encouragement, and support.

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  1. 50/yr! Gosh that is a lot! My reading goes much too slow. I am definitely interested in the continued counseling series. My roots were in part of the “Jesus Movement” in the Detroit area ~1968 and will forward some material for you regarding some of that.

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