This Week’s Good Reads

Here are some of my favorite articles from this week:

1. “Sexual Abuse in Marriage, Part 3” by Darby Strickland

This final piece in the series Strickland wrote for CCEF covers 12 ways you can help victims in such situations.

2. “Sex, Temptation, and the Gay Christian: What Chastity Demands” by Matthew Lee Anderson

I have been following the debate around this issue for many years, and its recent focused conversation has been intense. I am still processing much of the back and forth, and not sure of what I think about all the arguments, but this piece by Anderson is very insightful and challenging. It’s a long piece, about 12,000 words, and it can be a bit dense for those of us not as smart as Anderson, but it is worth the plodding.

3. “Chronic Pain Remains the Same or Gets Better After Stopping Opioid Treatment” by Science News

This is a fascinating look at a long-term study from Washington State University revealing that long-term opioid treatment is not effective.

4. “Tim Keller’s Witness at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast” by John Stevens

This is a breathtaking example of winsome apologetics/evangelism. Tim Keller was invited to speak on the topic of “What Can Christianity Offer Our Society in the 21st Century,” to the House of Parliament of London. Watch the video (embedded in the article) and then read Stevens reflections on it.

5. “Do I Really Need Counseling to Grieve Well?” by Jessica McDaniel

This is a really beautiful reflection on the nature of perinatal death by a licensed Biblical Counselor. She discusses the ways that grief impacts waiting on God and reveals wants. She warns readers of the ways that grief can distort our view of God and encourages us to consider counseling as a vital part of navigating grief.

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