Monthly Love: June

Here’s some of what I loved in the month of June:

1. Feather Bowling

I had never done this before but it was awesome. Feather Bowling is sort of like a cross between bocce ball, horseshoes, and bowling. It’s a pretty unique game and while winning definitely takes some finesse, the game is simple. Our whole staff went and played and had a fantastic time.

2. Visits from family

We had three weekends in a row of out-of-town guests and it was a blast. I love having houseguests and especially when it’s family. Our new home is big enough to have house guests comfortable too.

3. Eastwood Beach

With all the company we had coming it was a challenge to find something affordable and enjoyable to do, but we stumbled onto the beach at Stoney Creek Metropark. We had been to Stoney Creek for other activities but had never been to the beach; what a pleasant surprise this place was. There’s a giant inflatable slide, clean beach area, a playground, and more. We had a lot of fun here and plan to keep going back.

4. Egyptian street food

I cannot remember the name of this place, but out in Rochester Hills we came across this delicious place with a spread of Mediterranean street food. We had some delicious variety and introduce family to new tastes. I was impressed with the amount of food at reasonable price, and add to that its quality.

5. Run Drugs Out of Town

We love this event! While I am not a runner, Families Against Narcotics provides an excellent event for their fundraiser. We usually find a team of us goes out to participate and so we get to spend the morning hanging out with friends, and supporting a good cause.

6. End of School

Summer has begun and I think we were all ready for the kids to be out of school. It feels so late in the year when they finally get out, but it just adds tot he anticipation and now enjoyment of summer break.

7. Chris Pratt’s Award’s Speech at the MTV Movie Awards

I have a confession: I adore Chris Pratt. I honestly can’t say anything about the legitimacy of his faith, but then who can say anything about someone else’s faith. I also recognize that this speech is not the best evangelistic presentation out there, but I don’t imagine he’s had spectacular training in evangelism or in preaching. I think that Christians today can love it for what it is: a fairly bold statement about positive faith elements, in a culture that is increasingly antagonistic towards faith. Pratt is a gem and this video is super endearing!

8. Mike’s On the Water

With family in town we were looking for a new place to check out for dinner. This joint in St. Clair Shores was nice. Good seafood in a cool atmosphere. The lobster roll looked amazing, the mahi tacos I ate were delicious, and overall we had a good experience. It seems to be a happening joint too. I’d defiantly recommend it.

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