Next Week

Don’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A Review of A Meal with JesusĀ by Tim Chester

One of the most amazing, challenging, inspiring, and fresh books I’ve read this year. It serves as both a theology feasting in the Bible, a missional methodology, and teaching on grace and community. Absolutely and surprisingly beautiful.

2. Salvation at the Margins: Introduction

God’s grace reaches to the periphery of our cultures and touches those who feel the furthers from Him. This series will explore this idea in more detail through both Scripture and life.

3. The Reformation Context (Part 2)

One of the vital theological contextual issues for Reformation studies involves considering the theological foundations of Roman Catholicism at the time.

4. Jesus and Trauma (Part 3)

Next week we will explore one more passage of Scripture that highlights the ministry of Jesus to those who have suffered from traumatic events, and who remain plagued by traumatic memories.

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