Monthly Love: March

Every month I compile a list of what I loved. That list can include anything: people, places, food, ideas, songs, articles, etc. Here’s my list of favorites for March 2018:

1. Mercury Burger

I’ve had people telling me for years to check out this place downtown. We had seen it a handful of times when we’ve been to Slows or other places in Corktown, but I had never been. So glad I went! Top notch burgers in a cool atmosphere that looks way bigger and cooler on the inside than it does from the front. A great reason to go downtown.

2. Thor: Ragnarok

I was disappointed when I couldn’t get into theaters to see this, so when it was released on iTunes I was quick to get it. I really enjoyed the film. It seemed a bit out of sync, in style, with the previous two Thor films, but that’s okay in my opinion. I thought the first Thor film was okay, the second was terrible, but this one was all around fun. Taking Thor to space was a good twist, and the gladiatorial battle sequence with Hulk was dynamite. The humor was a great touch and while it did make the film feel different from its predecessors, it was a solid choice.

3. Eclipse Burger

I stumbled onto this burger joint in Fraser and it’s amazing! Quality burgers, 100% Angus, made to order. I’ve eaten there several times this month and have enjoyed every burger I’ve had so far. I highly recommend this little joint.

4. Chris Moles

Chris was our special guest speaker at a Cornerstone Counseling event this month. He is a dynamic speaker, a brilliant counselor, and an all around good guy. I was encouraged by getting to know him more and learning afresh from him with regard to counseling in situations of domestic violence. Really grateful for his ministry.

5. Coco

The kids had been dying to see this new Pixar movie and while I knew we’d eventually see it I wasn’t particularly anxious about catching it. Then it won best animated picture and I thought maybe I had underrated it…I had. This was such a beautiful and moving film (not as personally moving as Inside Out was, but still up there). It’s a story about the importance of family, about pursuing dreams as a secondary matter, the value of grandparents, and the beauty of Mexican culture. I absolutely loved this animated movie.

6. “Death was Arrested” by North Point Inside Out

I had never heard this song until the praise team performed it on a Sunday morning. It has been playing on repeat ever since then. A beautiful, compelling, and inspiring song about the gospel itself.

7. Black Panther

This movie is worthy of all the hype it has gotten. It’s more than just another comic book film, it is a fascinating look at both race and moral responsibility. Director Ryan Coogler has done an amazing job of navigating a more realistic and middle terrain than the typical either/or of superhero films. He gives a look at a complex world that more closely parallels our own even as it is set in a fictional landscape. Because the film’s primary world has been in isolation for most of its existence, there is very little interaction with the rest of the MCU, which makes Black Panther stand on its own two feet. It felt less like a Marvel film than the other contributions, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from checking it out. It’s a phenomenal movie, with a well-written script, expertly shot, and brilliantly acted.

8. The final Avengers: Infinity War trailer

I think I’ve watched this trailer about 60 times. I am super geeked for the next Avengers’ film and this trailer is so good. I am counting down the days until April 27th.


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