Next Week

Don’t miss these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online next week:

1. A review of A Little Book on a Big Problem by Ed Welch

Focusing exclusively on sinful anger, Welch walks readers through a series of short meditations with practical applications and personal reflection. The goal is to help readers not simply breeze through a book, but to dig deeper into self-analysis and Biblical comparisons. This is a wonderful tool for helping yourself or others.

2. A High Calling: A Philosophy of Addiction Ministry

Next week I will give a quick gloss on my four-fold philosophy of addiction ministry.

3. The Threefold Impact of Trauma (Part 1)

Trauma impacts a person’s sense of time, experience of their body, and ability to communicate. Next week I will introduce this concept and set up an exploration of the Bible response to these challenges.

4. Studies in Nahum: 1:1-8

Next week we will begin our exposition of this little book from the Old Testament. In the first eight verses we have a profound praise of God to explore and appreciate. This will set the tone, then, for the rest of the book’s declaration of judgment.

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