An Update on My Book

Yesterday I sent my draft off to the publisher. It has been a long process of writing a book, and it did not go the route I thought it would. But for all those who have prayed and supported me in this effort, allow me to be just self-indulgent enough to share an update.

Two years ago I decided to try my hand at writing a book, and I began to research and write on the subject of substance abuse and addiction counseling (something I’d already been studying and doing for many years now). The goal of my initial project was to write an apologetic for church-based addiction ministry. The book was ten chapters and covered a big picture philosophy for addiction ministry, and put some foundational pieces in place for developing a methodology (a more full-blown methodology was going to be my next project).

I was and still am super exited about that book. I believe it is a unique contribution to the current literature on Biblical Counseling and addictions, and a unique contribution to the literature on Christian ministry to addicts. But publishers were reluctant to take on the project. One publisher, P&R spent 3 months exploring the work, asking for more chapters, and interacting with me on the content. I was very encouraged, but in the end they were concerned that the niche focus and audience would not return a profit. I get it. I was disappointed but I continued to think about how to get the work published, and then something surprising happened. P&R contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a different book on addictive habits.

So, I am now contributing to a new counseling devotional series that P&R is publishing and Deepak Reju is overseeing. My volume on addictive habits takes readers through 31 days of meditation on Scripture with a keen interest in application of recovery principles to their lives. It was not the project I had intended to write, but I am super thrilled with the opportunity and pleased with the work itself.

The category of “addictive habits” is intentionally broad. It looks at a number of different addictions, including substance abuse, but not limited to such a narrow example. Those who struggle with food, shopping, and video game addictions (and more) will find this a useful tool. Each day begins with a Scripture verse and then a short reading to unpack and apply the verse. Then a reflection question and a practical application suggestion give the reader opportunity to integrate the truths of the Scriptures into their fight against an addictive habit. The whole book follows my own model of addiction counseling, utilizing the Four R’s (Responsibility, Relationship, Restructuring, and Remaining). It will be a great study to go through with a counselor, and a great tool for counselors to reference or assign.

I am thrilled to work with P&R, and super excited to see this book go to the publisher. There is still more work to be done, but the hardest part is over. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and supported me in this work. Your encouragement has been at tremendous motivator. Check back for more updates in the future.


  1. I pray that many, many will be blessed and set free–not just from the “typical/standard” additions, but from the never-ending habits which seem to become unbreakable. God be with you as you walk this out, Brother Dave!

  2. That initial project you were going for … I would love to have a look. That is what I’m doing, from the ground up – church-based inner city recovery ministry.

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