Blog Plans for 2018

As we move into the new year I have many ideas brewing about in my head for the blog. As many regular readers know, I try to write on a wide array of theological, practical, cultural, and historical issues. My rotating year-long study projects allow prolonged reading in one area of focus for 12 months, and that is always fruitful. In addition, however, I take shorter focused studies throughout the year that afford me opportunity to think through some issues related to church, Christian living, counseling, or just cultural issues. While my next year study project will focus on the Reformation – for a historical focus this year – I also plan to write on some of the following subjects:

1. Dating – I often get asked for tools and resources on helping young people navigate dating. While I know about many materials I’ve not read any of them. Not only was my approach to dating horrible, but it’s been a long while since I dated, so I am not up to date on best resources. In an effort to serve our congregation better, then, I will be studying and writing on the subject this year.

2. Dissociative Disorders – One of our counseling seminars this year will be focusing on some specific aspects of helping those with dissociate disorders. Over the course of the year, then, I will be sharing some of the content from that seminar, in hopes that other counselors will find it helpful.

3. My Forthcoming Book – I am less than a month a way from sending in my draft to the publisher. I am excited to share with everyone the progress of this work. Many have prayed for me on this project, so I want to update others.

4. The Holy Spirit in Counseling – Another counseling seminar this year will focus on the role of the Holy Spirit in counseling and so I will be sharing content from that seminar throughout the year as well. Since the activity of the Spirit is a key distinguishing feature of genuinely Christian counseling, it’s worth our time to discuss Him and think about His role.

5. An Argument for Group Counseling within Biblical Counseling – Group counseling has gotten a bad wrap in Biblical Counseling circles, but it has tremendous value. This year I want to make my case for groups within a Biblical Counseling framework and then talk through specific approaches that we can take.

6. Burnout – As I reflect on the end of 2017, I see a lot of room to grow and improve in my habits. So, as I reflect and write about how to better prevent burnout I want to share my insights with others. Look for this series forthcoming.

7. Studies in Nahum – One book of the Bible that interests me as of late is the minor prophetic book of Nahum. So, I hope you’ll join me for a study through this Old Testament book.

8. Year-Long-Study Project on the Reformation – Every year I pick a topic to study for 12 months, and in my cycle this year is a history year. So, I’ve chosen to study afresh the Reformation. I know, I know, the big 500th anniversary was last year, but per my study schedule this is the year for a historical focus. So, I am turning my attention to this great era in religious history. I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. For me, i am especially looking forward to teachings concerning the Holy Spirit in counseling. I would be sunk without HIm, for sure!
    Miss Abigail

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