Best Blog Posts of 2017

Here were the top five most viewed posts on my blog this year. Maybe you missed one of these:

1. Prayer and the Harsh Husband

This post argues that men who are harsh with their wives cannot claim to be spiritual, according to 1 Peter 3:7. It was so popular that not only was it the most read post in 2017, but I was also invited to share it at Chris Moles blog as well.

2. Training Biblical Counselors Globally: An Interview with Wayne Vanderwier

I am sure the popularity of this post was due to the fact that Wayne shared it himself. I so enjoyed getting to know Wayne and to learn about global counseling training. I pray it remains a popular post and that many will read it, learn, and support this ministry.

3. A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 1): An Old Testament Context

This series was popular as a whole, but this particular one, as the first post in the series, drew a lot of attention. As Christians continue to wrestle with divorce, and what is and isn’t Biblical, I pray this post will be increasingly helpful.

4. Nostalgic Indulgence (Part 1)

I confess that I am shocked that anyone cared about this post, let alone that it was so popular. I’ve felt a bit nostalgic all year long, and this was a fun run down memory lane. But it also served to reignite some of my passions for Misfit Ministry. I pray reading this has encouraged others to think this way too.

5. Responding to the Narcissistic Prayer Life

This last post was a random thought on my part. I am pleased that so many people read it and continue to read it, but I had not originally planned to write this one. It struck me, however, that many manipulative and abusive people use prayer as an excuse for their behavior. So, I started thinking about how the rest of us can and should respond to their comments.


I also had the chance to write for a few other outlets this year. Here were some of my favorites:

Trauma and the Significance of Meaning at The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Counseling After Adultery at The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Overcoming 5 Types of Anger at RPM Ministries

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