Monthly Love: November

Here’s what I loved for November 2017:

1. Stranger Things 2

Season two add such depth and development to viewer’s favorite characters from season one. Such a good season.

2. Listening to Christmas Music

It’s the most magical music of the year.

3. Taqueria El Rey

This was a hole in the wall taco joint in downtown Mexican Town, but man were the tacos good!

4. Decorating the Christmas tree

We have an annual tradition of eating appetizer’s for dinner, watching the animated Grinch, and decorating the tree as a family. It is easily one of my favorite traditions, and this year we got to include our dear friend Ryan. So grateful for traditions.

5. God & Soul Care by Eric Johnson

This has turned out to be a fascinating book. Part systematic theology, part therapy resource manual. Johnson writes in a compelling and accessible fashion, and he brings to bear the relevance of the Christian doctrine to the problems of life. It is a really well-written book, though I have not yet finished it.

6. Time with Family

Because of my Grandmother’s passing this last month I was able to get some time off and run down to North Carolina for the funeral. It had been five years since I had last visited that place and I was so blessed to see my uncles and cousins again. It was a sad occasion and yet spending time with them and remember good times was a special blessing.

7. “Please Come Home for Christmas” by B.B. King

The original version, from 1960, was done by pianist Charles Brown, but I love King’s version. A bluesy blend of Christmas and melancholy with the memorable voice and guitar of a legend. This is just a great song.


Article of the Month: Prayer and the Harsh Husband

I got to share a post at Chris Mole’s professional counseling blog this last month. The article details the relationship between a husband’s character and his prayer life, and demonstrates that, according to 1 Peter 3:7, a husband who is harsh with his wife will not have an effective prayer life. Chris is a committed Biblical Counselor and focuses especially in the area of domestic abuse, so this article approaches the subject from that angle.

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