This Week’s Good Reads

Enjoy Thanksgiving weekend by checking out some of these interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Amazon Just Shelled Out a Ton of Money to Bring ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to Television” by Miles Surrey

This has the potential to be a huge success or one of the biggest disasters in television history. Amazon spent more money on this purchase than is imaginable!

2.” ‘Transracial’ man born white feels like he is Filipino” by Garin Flowers

Those of us with a Christian worldview and belief in the sinful brokenness of our world should not be surprised that individuals do not feel at home with themselves. Yet, these sorts of identity adoptions are not healthy. They are not only bad for individuals they are bad for culture.

3. “Scripture is About PTSD” by Ed Welch

It often feels like the Bible doesn’t speak to mental disorders because it doesn’t use the same terminology. A concordance search will reveal zero references to PTSD, but that just means we have to search differently. Welch demonstrates that searching along the dominant themes of PTSD will reveal relevant Scriptural truths to help us face and confront PTSD.

4. “Book Review: Descriptions and Prescriptions” by Nate Brooks

This book by Mike Emlet was a fantastic book, possibly my favorite on the year. Here Nate Brooks writes a great review for the BCC. If you’re at all interested in this book I recommend reading this favorable review to whet your appetite.

5. “The absurd arguments we make to defend Roy Moore and Al Franken are getting dangerous” Russell Moore

Moore is pointed here in challenging both Democrats and Republicans as they slide into moral relativism into order to protect their own power. Both are guilty of the same sins here and the consequences are serious. “Right and wrong shouldn’t be determined by whether there’s an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ after someone’s name,” says Russell Moore.

6. “UM Researchers Plan to Cut Opioid Use in Half in Michigan” by Stateside Staff

Michigan-OPEN seeks to “shepherd…people through a path and applying a preventative narrative to decrease or even eliminate new chronic use, new addiction, and the spill of excess pills into our community through over-prescribing.” The article is accompanied by an audio interview that details more of the goal and program by OPEN.

7.  “In the Family Sitcom, Weird Girls Are on the Rise (and That’s a Good Thing)” by Alexis Gunderson

Such a great insight into new shows. I love some of the characters they mention in this article. Diane, from Black-ish, is a brilliant character! I love to see characters breaking out of the mold, and these are some fascinating and fun characters.

8. “Stranger Longings: Belonging and Adoption in ST2” by Matthew Civico

A development of the theme of belonging from within Stranger Things 2. “Becoming who we are is equal parts built and bestowed,” says Civico. Highlighting Eleven’s own pursuit of family is the prime example. An interesting and compelling look at one element of a great new show.

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