Monthly Love: October

Here are some of the things I loved in the month of October (2017):

1. Smashburger

This was a decent burger joint in Troy. Their signature “smash” is said to push the juices to the top of the patty, not out of the patty. I don’t know anything about that, but the burger was good, the meat was quality, and the unique styles looked good.

2. Yates Cider Mill

One of our family’s favorite events of fall is going to Yates. We always get delicious cider doughnuts and enjoy a lovely walk in the crisp morning air.

3. FAN 10th Anniversary and Fundraiser Dinner

We were privileged to attend this anniversary dinner for a great organization. While I certainly view the nature and treatment of addiction differently than FAN, I am so grateful this organization exists and is attempting to do some really good things in our communities and particularly for addicted individuals. This was a great dinner and a wonderful evening with friends.

4. Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary ed. by Matthew Barrett

This is a phenomenal book surveying the reformers doctoral contributions to the history of theology. The collection of historical essays analyze the major doctrines of the faith, and particularly those which the Reformers contributed significantly to. I am still working on completing this but over halfway through I’ve found it to be a tremendous resource and a great read.

5. Carving Pumpkins

I don’t know if we have ever done pumpkin carving with our kids. So this year we got a bunch of friends together and had a great time carving together. Our pumpkin had one uniquely large eye and one small one, but his deformities just made him more endearing.

6. Nat King Cole & Me by Gregory Porter

Nat King Cole had a great sound and many of his memorable renditions of classic songs remain the preferred version. Gregory Porter takes those old sounds and combines them with his own unique vocal and composition skills to create a truly compelling album. This is a great soundtrack for a restful evening.

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